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Karma Kobra

Life is not straight, narrow or easy.

This is embodied in a design popularly known as an ‘Unlome’. A traditional symbol used in many Buddhist artworks along with others. A single line curves and winds around until it reaches up and straight symbolising the path to enlightenment, a path many of us are on in one form or another even if you don’t know it as ‘enlightenment’. We are all moving to learn, grow and become a better version of ourselves as we travel this journey.

Karma is another thought traditional in Buddhist teachings, the idea that for good things to happen you must also emit good things. Good attitudes, thoughts, energy and gestures throughout life.

I find these teaching are important to carry with you, all journeys get hard and unsettled at times but positivity and opportunities can always be found. I wanted to encompass these thoughts into a design as a visual reminder, a note to stop and consider this journey from time to time. We can get caught up in the race and the external environment around us, we forget to slow down and look inwards.

The Serpent is a prominent symbol used in mythology throughout eastern and western cultures as a symbol of fertility, rebirth and transformation due to its ability to grow and shed into a new version of itself.

Composing these elements together grew naturally to create a design that embodies these thoughts to make the ‘Karma Kobra’ Illustration.

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