Luna Tattooing


Collecting Things

I felt completely absorbed & present in the experience while visiting Ha Long Bay - Vietnam, an other-worldly landscape steeped in myth and magic. I wanted to capture this , keeping with the bell jar theme & collecting memories.

Translated to the “descending dragon” based on the ancient myth of a dragon landing on the bay as protection during a time of fighting. It is not hard to see why this land is full of mystery. Clear blue waters, limestone karst, hidden beaches and lagoons make up this infrastructure of this place, where you could easily get lost and endlessly explore.

At the time I only had an A5 notebook and one pen, this led to me trying different ways of mark making (a necessary way of practising and challenging yourself) to drawing more constructively and try to create different textures on the page with basic tools. We get so used to needing the best equipment and having a supply of tools to create, we forget the original principle. Create for you, make something that did not exist before, draw from our own perceptions and emotions.